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Designs that Stand out


Understanding our client’s needs is paramount in achieving success and satisfaction for services and goods offered. We aim to get an insight into the attitudes, values and preferences of the end user by interacting with them and evaluating their working environment as well as assessing the existing uniforms on the ground. This exercise helps us build a picture of who our client is and who they would like to be by the end of the exercise.

We then develop different designs in various color palettes to provide a selection that reinforces the brands identity and core values. Our goal is to provide uniforms that stand out so that staff members are proud of wearing them.

Design insight and Technical expertise


We develop products based on client briefings interpreting concepts and actualizing them into satisfactory products for our clients and the end-user. Our Prototype development process is an adaptive mix of design insight and technical expertise ensuring that clients can examine samples, make comments and finally approve them so that the end-product is guaranteed to meet their desired needs.

Wide network of Global suppliers


Our ability to source a wide variety of materials and accessories is second to none. We have a wide network of suppliers local and international providing an array of various fabrics to leathers, foams, labels and trims. Our working relationships comprises of vendors who have a thorough knowledge of the materials and are experienced in the garment manufacturing industry.

We employ the latest machines


We have the capacity to produce up to 17,600 uniform sets, 22,000 shirts and blouses and 2,000 corporate suits monthly depending on the style and requirements. We employ the latest machines in our production facility from pattern grading software systems, cutting and sewing machines and garment finishing equipment to ensure our products are of the utmost superior quality.

Embracing Diversity


As a manufacturing company, we understand that our clients have different expectations when it comes to achieving the end goal. We therefore offer various options when it comes to producing uniforms for our clients.

Fit is key


Because we know individual fit is key. We have a team of well-trained tailors whose expertise is in taking individual body measurements as accurately as possible. They are equipped to consider independent body configurations and take exact measurements that will ensure uniforms fit like a glove.

Embracing Diversity


We understand that in some situations there are factors that might mean MTM uniforms are not the best option. This does not mean that staff should be poorly dressed. To avoid this, we share with our customers a measurement chart that explains how to select standard sizes using various body measurements. Furthermore, to help in ensuring that a close fit as possible is guaranteed we have sample size sets of garments, that staff can fit and identify what size fits best. Thereafter, a summary of staffs’ standard sizes is shared for production to proceed.

With Image First, we are your uniform solutions expert.

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